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Basic Facebook Networking Tips

LinkedIn is the #1 professional marketing network, but that doesn't mean Facebook doesn't have a thriving business community! There are countless ways that entrepreneurs of all experience and success levels can reach like-minded business owners, coaches and clients through the world's top social platfrom.

Not sure how to get started? I have a few tips on how to network through Facebook!

Join groups

This is by far the best way to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. There are so many groups out there that you're sure to find some that line up with what you do.

Even in the off chance you don't find any groups that are relevant to your industry, you're sure to find groups with people similar to you in some way. This could be a group for freelancers, a group for female-identifying business owners, business owners from a certain state, etc.

And if you don't find any groups you like, you can start one! Starting a group is not only a great way to cater to a niche on Facebook, but it also allows you to grow your personal brand, as that group will be inextricably linked to your business.

Friend people in like-minded industries

Once you find your crowd on Facebook, start friending people! That doesn't mean to send a request to every single person in a group, but if you come across people who have businesses very similar to yours, friend them! Not only will that put your feed in front of more eyes, but you'll also be building your network and getting your name out there.

Networking will not only help you find valuable resources that other entrepreneurs might be putting out, but you could also find new clients if you offer a service that they end up needing.

Having a big pool of Facebook friends will also be useful if you end up starting a podcast, e-magazine, or other form of media that thrives on guests and conducting interviews - which is great for brand growth!

Don't DM everyone and anyone

This should hopefully go without saying, but don't DM an introduction to every new friend or everyone in your group. It's spammy and considered harassment by many. You're also doing yourself no favors, as this will just leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth, and you likely won't get any responses!

A better way to communicate is to put out meaningful posts both on your feed and in the groups you're a part of, as well as responding to other peoples' posts. Oftentimes in entrepreneurship/business owner you'll see posts from people looking for others to collaborate with, so constantly check your feed for opportunities like this!

Hopefully these quick tips help get you started with networking on Facebook. Good luck to you!

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