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Instagram is Nothing Like Twitter!

Have you ever tried to copy and paste a tweet into an Instagram post, and it just didn't translate as well? Maybe the picture or the extra space below your text made your post seem too short? When you're running a marketing campaign, you need to change the content to match the platform. Even though Twitter allows pictures, videos and live-streaming, Twitter is a microblogging site, so words come first. Instagram is more visual, so it's main focus is pictures and videos. You have to say everything in the image; the text should only amplify your message. An image of a product, a short caption, some emojis and a big handful of relevant hashtags a few spaces down are all you need. The pictures are the stars of your posts! Remember that Instagram has a big character limit, which makes it tempting to write a full paragraph description and add in a mess of hashtags at the bottom. Sometimes including a big caption can be a good when it comes to selling products or posting recipes, but it's not for everyone. A professional photography company needs to let the pictures speak for themselves - no long captions! A small app developer, on the other hand, could get away with a longer captions that describe what an app does. The key is to also know your audience.

Readers look at an image for less than a second before "hearting" your post and moving on to the next post. If you make a habit of putting out wordy captions, people will stop paying attention completey. Also pay attention to what you're posting. A post advertising a sale at your store just needs the essential info, while a fun, behind-the-scenes post at your ice cream parlor could have a longer caption post talking about your team and products. Just like with any piece of copy, there isn't a one-size-fits-all rule to make the perfect post. And if you're still confused on how to go about a post, schedule a consultation here!

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