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How to Make Some Extra Money with Content Marketing

One of the best ways you can leverage the financial power of content marketing is not actually in the act of crafting content to market something you offer. Rather, it’s all about marketing a good or service offered by other people and then sitting back while readers click on affiliate links and Google Ads. It does not matter if a person actually buys the product that you’re writing about, as long as they go to the site through your affiliate link, you will be paid for sending traffic their way.

Here are a few of the most lucrative topics to write about—and how much associated Google Ads paid per user click in 2018.

Insurance: $57 CPC. Insurance is incredibly important, even when living in a place that doesn’t legally require it for certain unavoidable actions like driving. Yes, there are some states in America where you require proof of insurance to be able to legally drive a vehicle. Some coverage plans are incredibly specific while others are wide and general, and people need to know their options. Articles on the different kinds of insurance and the different providers will surely find a lot of traffic.

Gas & Electricity: $54 CPC. Let’s face it - gas and electricity are expensive. They always have been. Not a day goes by when people aren’t complaining about the prices of filling their tanks or powering their homes. You could write reviews of different suppliers and helpful articles on how to save on your bills.

Mortgages: $47 CPC. A home is one of, if not the single largest purchase most people will ever make, taking years or even decades to pay off. People want to know that they’re not going to lose their money and make sure that the mortgage they take out is going to be taken care of properly. Banks and lenders are willing to spend some big bucks to beat out the competition. Helpful articles on different providers are a great way to get some extra cash.

Attorneys: $47 CPC. Conflict is an unfortunate fact of the world, from small and petty things to the grandest of crimes. When things like these happen, it is important for people to know how to find a good lawyer to help them out. Representing yourself in court is not a good idea, it's best to find a professional who’s studied law and can help you. Help people learn what to look for by writing articles about topics like hiring a lawyer, small claims court, etc.

Loans: $44 CPC. Lots of people need loans. So much is just so expensive nowadays. Whether it’s to pay off credit cards, to buy a car, or go to school. Write articles about this topic and direct people toward their options.

Donations: $42 CPC. From starving kids in Africa, to a local recreation center, to helping someone crowd fund their medical bill, there are plenty of causes that need fundraising, and fundraisers will pay a lot to advertise. On top of that, people with no moral compass will often set up fake charities as a way to play on the emotions of other people in order to separate them from their money. Write articles about this topic, help people in need by convincing others why the causes are important and which are scams.

Conference Calls: $42 CPC. Communication is something that all businesses need, and if you know anything about business expenditures, you know that companies toss money around more frequently than private individuals simply because they have more. And for the more recent style of conference call, the video call through different clients and websites, some hosts are more secure than others. The last thing anyone wants is an uninvited person barging into the call and ruining the meeting, or to find out that one of their coworkers isn’t wearing pants. Review different systems and write articles about phone and webcam call etiquette.

Degree: $40 CPC. The internet has made education more available than it has ever been before. People who can’t spend the time to go to an in-person class are taking online courses. From people too busy with work, to those taking care of children, to even the elderly. This means that more people are looking for quality education. Write up some articles or blog posts on different degrees and different fields.

Credit: $38 CPC. People enjoy convenience, and what’s more convenient than paying with credit instead of lugging around all your cash in your too-small pockets? Write reviews of the best, or articles on how to build credit.

Final word: The content marketing you’re doing for these businesses doesn’t have to be free. After you’ve built a decent record, you may as well start selling your content to the businesses you’re writing about. It will prove to be an additional source of revenue, and if their Google ads are any indicator, they’re willing to spend.

If you're looking to outsource your writing, we have trained writers to handle your content today!

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