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Managing Your Marketing Campaign From Home

Without your marketing team at your side, it can be hard to keep your campaign on track. Your employees are suddenly juggling homeschooling, full-time work and the mounting stress of the pandemic. How do you ensure your team is still able to work together when you're all apart for the foreseeable future?

Here are a few tips to keep your team running like a well-oiled machine while working remotely.

1. Utilize remote work programs

Programs such as Google IM, Monday and video chat apps are life-saving to remote teams. Keeping in constant contact as if you were in an office is necessary to keeping a team up and running. IM allows you to get your message across quicker than email, and is perfect for time-sensitive questions, requests and updates.

Monday and similar work-distribution programs let supervisors delegate tasks to individuals, and each employee can silently update the status of their assignment for others to see. These programs also help each employee know exactly what they're in charge of and prevent confusion.

Video chat apps like Zoom, Skype and Google Duo are key to keeping face-to-face communication alive. Not only do you get the next best thing to human interaction, but you're able to ask and answer questions in real time and plan the campaign's next steps with ease.

2. Have daily conference calls and utilize group texts/messages

A standing appointment where the whole team meets to share updates and developments is a must. A marketing campaign is not a product; it's a living, breathing thing that must be monitored long after going live. Making adjustments and ensuring that your message is reaching your audience is necessary for a successful campaign - and having your team sharing information about the campaign regularly will make it successful.

Group messages or texts will also let information be passed around instantly. If something goes wrong or needs immediate attention, this is the best way for the whole team to be informed at once.

3. Ensure that everyone has access to social media programs

Social media scheduling programs such as Hootsuite or Buffer were likely already being used by your office. And if they hadn't already been integrated into your plan, now is the perfect time to start using them!

These programs make it easy to schedule social media posts for multiple accounts, and if everyone has access to the account, your team will be able to monitor the posts queued and posted.

It's also crucial that other social media stats are being monitored through each platform's respective app. Each team member should have access to all social media accounts so that they can track engagement, follower count and more.

Working from home can be difficult, but managing your campaign and keeping in contact with your team can be easy with the right tools.

Looking to outsource your social media management? Schedule a consultation today!

Good luck, and happy marketing!

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