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3 Must-Listen Podcasts for Your Inner Writer

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Podcasts are perfect background noise. You can listen to them while you're eating, cleaning, working or exercising. Their flexibility gives you the ability to learn wherever and whenever.

But finding the right podcast for you can be hard! How do you know that the material will interest you? And what about having to sift through dozens of podcasts on the same subject?

Lucky for you I've narrowed it down a bit! Being a fiction writer, I always value a podcast that promotes creativity or gives one the tools to put out the best work possible. Here are a few I've found to be really useful.

Grammar Girl by Mignon Fogarty, Inc.

Though this doesn't focus too much on the creative aspect of writing, having proper grammar and an excellent grasp of the English language are absolute necessities for writers, poets and playwrights. Episode topics range from semicolons to the history of the 'XOXO' abbreviation. I subscribed not too long ago, and I've been loving it!

The Good Place: The Podcast by NBC Entertainment

Hosted by the actor who plays Shawn the demon, this podcast provides behind-the-scenes insights on the creating of NBC's hit sitcom "The Good Place". The show's been a personal favorite of mine for years, and the podcast will fascinate anyone who loved the show, who is interested in the process of making a TV show, or who wants some sweet writing tips. Everyone from actors to writers to Mike Schur, show creator himself, was interviewed.

Writing Excuses by Dragonsteel Entertainment

This podcast focuses on the novel-writing experience, and has been going strong for 15 seasons. Common episode topics include chapter creation, worldbuilding, author branding and picking your literary agent. The hosts also delve deep into fan-proposed writing questions; you're sure to have many of your writing questions answered!

Good luck, and never stop writing!

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