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6 Ways to Stay on Track with Your Goals

Easier said than done, the expression goes! But at the end of the day, it's always important to get your tasks done, no matter how hard! Slacking on your to-do list can cause serious damage to your business, side hustles and other projects! Still having trouble with motivating yourself? Here are a few tips for staying on track when it feels like you can't get anything done.

1. Write Everything down

When it comes to keeping appointments and meeting deadlines, it's crucial for you to write them down—sometimes in multiple places! The same trick works with personal goals. Without visually "concretizing" your aim in writing, your goal is likely to vanish from your mind until it's too late. Sticky notes, calendar reminders and planners can all help with this.

2. Set a schedule

If your goal doesn’t have a due date, then you can always keep putting it off. This is especially true if other life things get in the way, or even if you plain don't feel like it. Put the goal on your calendar and treat that deadline like a work deadline. And if it’s something big, don’t try to cram too many other things into the days before your deadline.

3. Break it down

Your goal will be easier to accomplish if you break it down into digestible steps. When architects plan a building, they don’t just put it up in one day: it’s built in parts, from the foundation up. The same is true with your goal. Break it down into weekly, monthly, or even yearly chunks, depending on how far out the deadline is.

4. Become More Accountable

Studies have shown that when you have to report to someone else, you’re more likely to stay on track. Pick an accountability buddy. It could be a friend, relative, partner or even someone working towards the same goal - like a gym partner, fellow entrepreneur or someone from your parent group. Set up times when you’ll check in and notify them of your progress.

5. Be Positive

Positive mantras are everything! Remember the story of The Little Engine That Could—he was able to climb the hill because he kept on saying “I think I can, I think I can.” You should have the same reaction towards your goals: verbal and mental positivity. Use affirmations, positive thinking, and support from those around you to reach for the clouds.

6. Treat Yourself

When you hit a milestone, do something nice for yourself, whether it’s gorging on sweets or buying a new article of clothing. Plan a special event or prepare to claim a prize when you reach your goal! Teachers especially are great at leveraging this tactic: when their class hits a behavioral or educational goal they throw a pizza party. Why not use the same strategy and celebrate with a nice treat when you reach the end of the road?

Setting goals, achieving them, and rewarding those achievements are all huge for keeping your business - or even your household - running smoothly. Use this list so you never fall off the horse!

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