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Top 3 Social Media Apps of 2019

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

It's been a crazy year, full of plenty of social media events. From TikTok being cemented as a social media giant to countless cancel parties on Twitter, it's hard to tell which app had a leg up on the others. It was a very close race!

As we finish out the year (and the decade!), we're going to take a look at the three apps that dominated 2019, and what made them so popular. Big thanks to NetSolutions and Sag iPl for the data!

3. Facebook

Despite the countless scandals that have affected the platform over the years, Facebook still remains a popular app. From Zoomers to Baby Boomers, nearly everyone over the age of 13 (and sometimes younger than that!) has an account. It was and still is a way that old friends, distant relatives and former classmates all stay in contact and up-to-date on each other's lives.

The number of monthly active users on Facebook has broken into the billions, according to Sag iPl, and has seen extremely high growth since its launch in 2004. Statista estimates about 2.45 billion active users, with its other brands (Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) getting plenty of buzz themselves.

With the ability to create pages for businesses and boost posts to reach more people, companies and entrepreneurs have many ways to promote their business on social media. Between the size of the audience and the promotion options available, Facebook is still a staple for any business looking to have an online presence.

2. YouTube

Though not technically a social media platform, YouTube was the 2nd-most used social media or video-sharing app of the year, and the 6th most-used app overall.

YouTube offers business account options, and provides services to help businesses get their campaigns together. These tools can be invaluable to any company first dipping their toes into video marketing, no matter the company's size. Video marketing is different than marketing with text and pictures, so having a team of experienced pros holding your hand can ensure that your videos look the best they can.

YouTube boasts an audience of about two billion monthly users, according to Variety, and small- and medium-sized businesses using YouTube for advertising has increased twofold. The average 18-year-old also watches YouTube more than any one television network, including during prime time.

1. Instagram

Although it boasts just over half a billion users, Instagram still takes the gold for 2019's most popular social media app. For what it lacks in users, it makes up for in engagement numbers. According to NetSolution's article, posts on Insta get over 50 times the amount of engagement than posts on Facebook, and more than 100 times the amount of engagement than Twitter posts.

In addition to being a great platform for Regular Joe users, influencers and businesses can easily take advantage of the app. Striking up sponsorships with bigger brands and using your platform to push other companies' products are great way for influencers to make money on the platform, according to Hootsuite.

Instagram also offers business accounts, which allows photographers, restaurants and other businesses to drive traffic to their website or locations. Plenty of opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

With this data in mind, it should give your business a good framework for what platforms to focus on as we go into 2020.

Good luck, and happy marketing!

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