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Twitter 201

So last week we went over the basics of Twitter: who to follow, what to post, etc. Now this week we're going to get into the real nitty gritty of advertising your business on Twitter. There's so many tools on the platform, that acquainting yourself with all of them will help your business create a real presence on the platform!

Promoted Tweets

Oh, I know you know what promoted tweets are. They're those little ads that insert themselves into your feed or are found on hashtag pages. Promoted tweets are a great way of getting your name out there! Businesses big and small, as well as freelancers and starving artists use promoted tweets to raise awareness of their brand.

These promoted tweets charge per interaction. That means that every like, retweet, reply and link click charges you a certain amount. Twitter's ThriveHive makes it clear that promoted tweets do not charge per impression.

Once your business has a completely set up account (meaning your logo is up, you have a banner picture, bio is filled out, company link is live), it's never too early to put out a promoted tweet! Although waiting until you have a handful of followers and a few tweets under your belt wouldn't hurt - people are more likely to trust established accounts that have been around for a while compared to brand-new profiles.

Even if you don't get many responses, at least you were able to get the name of your business out there. You may not have gotten clicks to your website, but you may have earned some new followers who will be seeing future tweets and other content you post on the site. You may get people who check out your profile and end up clicking the link on your profile instead of the link in the sponsored tweet. These little successes won't be recorded in the promoted tweet's analytics, but they'll still be successes, nonetheless.

Tweet Analytics

Another important part of monitoring growth on Twitter is keeping an eye on your analytics. The analytics of an individual tweet can be viewed by clicking the little series of lines that are at the bottom of any tweet. These lines are usually right next to the like and DM options buttons:

One you open up the analytics info, you'll be able to see how many people have seen it (Impressions), and how many Engagements its had:

If you want to see specifically what kind of Engagements the tweet has had (likes, retweets, detail expands, link clicks, profile clicks, follows), you just click the "View all engagements" button:

This information can be really helpful. It can help you determine what tweets/content interests the people the most, and what hashtags seem to be getting your tweets more views.

Twitter DMs

Automatic DMs are against Twitter's Terms of Use, but that doesn't mean you can't send DMs manually to prospective clients or those who have interacted with your tweets!

A simple message thanking them for their interaction and inviting them to check out your services/website/location near them could make a real difference.

Something along the lines of:

Hi [First Name]!

We saw that you've interacted with a number of tweets of ours, and we just want to say thanks! As a budding [type of business you are], every like and retweet is very important.

As someone who's interested in our stuff, why don't you check out our site, [URL]?


As a thank-you for your interest, we'd like to offer you [percentage] off your next in-store or online purchase. This expires [date], so act fast!

Thank you!

Making a little effort to make potential customers happy can really make the difference between gaining a new customer or not.

Twitter Moments

A Twitter Moment is essentially a short "news story" made up of a short blurb and a series of relevant tweets collected by Twitter into one cohesive thread. A Moment can cover news and have multiple tweets in the Moment linking to news articles, or can cover a fun subject about celebrities or International Donut Day and have tweets related to the subject.

If your business is lucky enough to have one of its tweets included in a Moment, then congratulations! Your bound to get some extra business and buzz.

Be sure to retweet the Moment that your tweet was included in, and to post some extra tweets while the Moment is still visible.

Hopefully this guide on Twitter has been helpful! Of course, it's impossible to cover everything here, so if you have more questions, don't be afraid to shoot be a message either via email or my contact form!

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